Sunday, 23 August 2015

d3MapRenderer v0.8 released

v0.8 of the d3MapRenderer plugin to QGIS released.

Please visit the plugin homepage for details on how to install the pre-requisites of Node.js and the topojson package.

Unicode support added. Validation added to check the output directory exists.

Sub-directory for output files now created with a time stamped name.

Linux now supports non-ASCII chars in the output directory, title, legend, popup information and charts.

On Windows the subprocess command on python 2.7 creates a Windows command prompt which will not accept unicode characters (it has it's own limited encoding). Therefore on Windows only, the output directory is limited to ascii characters. Title, legend, popup information and charts support unicode.

Just to test out these unicode changes, here is a map of the administrative world regions from the Natural Earth, data in the Mollweide projection. No attempt has been made to alter the default colours from QGIS, or the resulting tooltip template. Pan and zoom around the map, click on a polygon to view the names and alternatives from the Natural Earth dataset.

Now could some brave soul with a Mac let me know if the plugin works? I haven't got a Mac to test it on...